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S Jalan & Co - Law firm in Delhi specialises in REAL ESTATE LAW. We are a team of Advocates, Legal Advisors & Litigation lawyers

The law firm advises and represent developers, real estate funds, lenders, investors, individuals, societies/condominiums and other business users on every aspect of property transactions including acquisition, title due diligence and drafting of agreements, conveyances, development agreements for residential and commercial developments, leases and related documents, sale and lease-back arrangements of commercial/industrial property and advising on applicable stamp duties and registration process and securitisation arrangements.

The Real Estate legal services include:

  • Structuring of transaction
  • Conducting due diligence investigation in a residential, commercial or industrial real estate transaction and verifying title deeds, conducting title search/title inquiry of properties all over India
  • Vetting, conveyance, drafting contracts- joint venture, consortium, sale deed, lease deed, general power of attorney, builder buyer agreement, special power of attorney and other legal documents
  • Advising on change of land use; the Regulations governing acquisitions and sale of property
  • Rendering service to clients to receive various approvals/permission/licenses from authorities concerned
  • Drafting of Construction Contracts, Joint Development Agreements, Project Management Consultancy Agreement, etc
  • Handling legal aspects of project sanctioning, housing loan and other types of cases involving mortgage
  • Advising beyond the basic legal requirements while acquiring, disposing and transferring properties
  • Advising on Property tax and other taxes on real estate
  • Grant/ Assignment of leasing / licensing of commercial and residential properties
  • Advising on Real Estate Projects like townships, SEZ, Technology Parks, Hotels & Tourism Projects
  • Exposition services for registration of properties at sub-registrar offices


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